Printable Sommer & travel activities

Easy to print and carry, it’s the ideal travel companion for young learners. Make your child’s summer unforgettable with our fun and educational activity book!

18 pages

Size: A5


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Keep your kids entertained and learning during vacations with our Printable Summer & Travel Activity Book! This delightful book is filled with fun activities that spark imagination and strengthen Farsi language skills. Perfect for long car rides, beach days, or quiet afternoons.
Designed to reinforce the language and speech skills of children living outside Iran who are learning Farsi, this activity book offers a wonderful opportunity for kids to review their skills over the summer. They can also document their travel memories, creating a keepsake to cherish. This book encourages conversations between you and your child, fostering deeper connections. Children attending Farsi classes can share their travel experiences with classmates using this book after the summer break.

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14.8 x 21 cm


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