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We are committed to ensuring that children recognize their cultural roots as a strength. Jivan serves as a link between generations and cultures. We help children to understand their parents’ language and culture as part of their own identity, giving them the wings they need for their personal development.

To Read and Read aloud

To promote community and strengthen family bonds: Our diverse stories and activities invite you to spend valuable time together and learn as a family. They are an invitation to grow together as a family and celebrate cultural diversity.

Webinars for Conscious Parenting

Our programs encourage parents to better understand themselves, recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and thereby build a deeper connection to their own values and needs. This leads to finding better solutions for problems and challenges in everyday family life.

Our publishing house is dedicated to fostering a love of knowledge and learning in children, especially within the Farsi-speaking community.

Our offer starts with the publication of a children’s magazine for ages 3 to 9 and aims to develop a diverse range of educational materials such as books, audio files, board games, and more. These materials are designed to introduce children to their native language and cultural heritage in a playful and engaging manner.

Enhancing Parent-Child Relationships

Fostering a deep connection with your child can be significantly enhanced through communication in your native language. Engaging in shared learning and exploration activities not only enriches this bond but also nurtures mutual understanding and trust.

Enhancing Language Skills

At Jivan, we are committed to the belief that every child should have the opportunity to master their native language. We understand that a strong foundation in their mother tongue significantly facilitates the learning of a second language, as children who are proficient in their first language develop linguistic skills more easily and confidently.

Fostering Cultural Awareness and Self-Esteem

Being familiar with their cultural heritage helps children feel secure and confident in new or unfamiliar environments. As they grow up, they become comfortable with their family’s culture, enabling them to consciously shape their identity.

Our books are the key to knowledge, creativity, and fun – a magical combination!


The parent-child magazine for the Farsi-speaking diaspora.

Let the adventures begin!

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our stories, which tell of the cultural diversity and adventures of Farsi-speaking children in the diaspora. These stories will strengthen your children's cultural identity and stimulate their imagination.

Our interactive learning modules are specially designed to engage children through play. From language exercises to cultural puzzles, we offer a variety of activities to quench your child's thirst for knowledge.

Crafting, painting, cooking and more! In "Jivan Magazine" you will find inspiring creative activities that will stimulate your children's imagination and develop their practical skills.


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