Story telling workshop for parents & educators

The workshop will be conducted in Farsi.

Starting June 8, Saturdays

CET Time, 7 PM

6 sessions online via Google Meet

Unlock the magic of storytelling and foster a love for reading in children with our engaging Workshop for Parents and Educators. Learn the art of captivating storytelling, discover the best tales to share, and master the techniques to make your stories come alive. From understanding story structures to using interactive tools, this workshop equips you with everything you need to inspire and educate young minds. Join us and enhance your communication skills while creating lasting memories through the power of stories. Perfect for parents, teachers, and grandparents alike!


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Workshop Content Overview

  1. Objectives of Storytelling
  2. Why Do We Tell Stories? What Stories Should We Tell? How Do We Tell Stories?
  3. Story Structure and Types of Storytelling for Children
  4. Storytelling Tools
  5. Interactive Book Reading with Children
  6. How to Choose Good Books and Stories for Children
  7. Enhancing Communication Skills
  8. How to Read Books to Grandparents

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