We are committed to helping children recognize their cultural roots as strengths and see ourselves as a bridge between generations and cultures. We assist children in understanding the language and culture of their parents as part of their own identity, thus giving them the wings they need for their personal development.

Our Bridge Pillars

Our learning seminars and materials are based on the principles of Reggio Emilia pedagogy, Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, as well as the approaches of Alfie Kohn towards parenting without punishment and reward. Additionally, the insights of Daniel J. Siegel and Haim G. Ginott inform our work. Our offerings are designed to impart a deep understanding of these proven methods and develop practical skills for their application in everyday life.

Cultural Identity

We cater to children growing up in culturally diverse environments. They take pride in their identity but also seek to understand and appreciate the cultures and languages of their host country.

Family Bonding

Often, there are strong ties to families and grandparents who wish to pass on their cultural identity. We support these bonds by creating materials that bridge generations.

Education and Curiosity

We engage curious and eager-to-learn children who come from a strong educational tradition. They value books that not only entertain but also expand their knowledge and promote cultural education.

Empowerment of Identity

This could be represented by a strong symbol such as a tree with deep roots or a puzzle where the final piece is being inserted. These symbols represent growth, development, and the assembly of one’s own personality.


An icon for multilingualism could consist of speech bubbles containing words or symbols in different languages. Also, a book with various flags or letters from different alphabets could be suitable.


We appeal to families who value their cultural identity, are open-minded, and are interested in the diversity of the world around them. Our materials enable them to explore the world in a playful and educational manner.

Our Team

Mercede Ameri

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Our mission is to empower Farsi-speaking children in the diaspora to joyfully learn and preserve their mother tongue. We strive to foster strong parent-child relationships through shared activities and conversation topics that enrich their linguistic and cultural bonds.

Through our interactive, multimedia content encompassing text, images, audio, and video elements, we aim to create a playful learning experience that captivates young minds. Our work extends beyond publishing books; we actively advocate for the formation of vibrant learning communities where the acquisition of the Farsi language is celebrated.

We are committed to developing state-of-the-art tools and techniques for Farsi language learning and ensuring that essential resources and tools are easily accessible to all. Through collaboration with other institutions, we aim to influence the adoption of engaging and dynamic Farsi programs and create a supportive environment for children’s language development.

We believe in empowering children to become independent learners of their mother tongue, equipped with the skills and confidence to navigate their linguistic journey. Ultimately, our goal is to promote an equitable and sustainable learning environment for every child in the diaspora, where their mother tongue is valued and celebrated.

We support 3 United Nations Development Goals



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