Jivan Literary Agency

Founded in 2024 in Vienna, Jivan Literary Agency is dedicated to the promotion and support of exceptional Iranian literary works across the globe. Our mission is to foster opportunities for authors, illustrators, publishers, translators, and all stakeholders in the literary realm to connect and collaborate. Additionally, we serve as a gateway for introducing them to the global stage, ensuring they are informed about pertinent events within the realms of art and literature.

Services Offered by Jivan Literary Agency Jivan offers a comprehensive range of services to its clients, including:

  1. Facilitating the introduction of Iranian writers, translators, publishers, and artistic works to the international market through various channels such as international exhibitions, catalogues, the internet, social media, newsletters, and more.
  2. Providing literary and artistic consultation to enhance the quality and marketability of creative works.
  3. Arranging copyright agreements between publishers and clients to protect intellectual property rights.
  4. Assisting in the preparation of artworks and literary materials for international participation.
  5. Facilitating the establishment of legal international contracts between artists and interested parties seeking to utilize their work.
  6. Organizing professional round-table discussions to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange within the literary community.
  7. Offering high-quality translation and editing services for literary works in Farsi, English and German, ensuring suitability for international audiences.
  8. Providing comprehensive support to Iranian clients seeking to enter the international market.

At Jivan Literary Agency, we are committed to empowering creators and facilitating the global dissemination of their artistic endeavors.



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