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This digital version of Jivan magazine is available as a Flipbook to leaf through upon purchase!

Get ready for the release of “Jivan,” a distinctive 28-page magazine designed to assist children in learning and enhancing their native or first language. Recognizing the significance of mastering one’s mother tongue, “Jivan” provides an engaging and interactive approach to language learning. Our magazine, ideal for parents and children, is the perfect tool to strengthen the bond between them while offering insights into Iranian cultural themes.

“Jivan” has vibrant illustrations and dynamic graphics that make language learning come alive. These elements are crafted to make the language more accessible and enjoyable for young readers. Each issue features QR codes, giving children the opportunity to dive into a multimedia world. They can listen to music, watch videos, or engage in activities related to Noruz and more.

Don’t miss out on our pre-sale offer! Enjoy “Jivan” at a special discounted price until February 10th. Be prepared for our first issue, set to ship starting February 20th. Seize this chance to enrich your child’s language journey with “Jivan”!


Delivery Time:

Europe: 4-5 Workdays

USA & Canada: 8 Workdays

Australia: 10 Workdays


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