Printable Noruz Countdown Activities

This printable version of the activity book is available for download upon purchase!

This is a 36-page colorful countdown activity book for children. Over fifteen days, children will uniquely experience the approach of ‘Noruz’, the first day of spring, through various activities.

We hope these activities create a warm, intimate, and joyful atmosphere for the children.


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Dive into the countdown activity for children, perfectly tailored to experience the approaching 'Noruz', the first day of spring, excitingly and interactively. This countdown calendar is a playful and multimedia journey that starts fifteen days before the Persian New Year. Each day brings a new exciting task, including:

  • Planting a seed
  • Creating various crafts
  • Cooking or baking delicious treats
  • Learning more about Iranian culture and the beautiful arts You will receive various printable templates, ideal for baking and craft activities. Prepare for fifteen days full of adventure and creative discoveries!

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14.8 x 21 cm


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